An OctoberCMS plugin for decoupled GraphQL-driven content management

The best of two worlds

Use a top-notch self-hosted open source CMS that can run on shared hosting while leveraging the flexibility of a headless architecture. Serve multiple channels and platforms, innovate with the latest frontend technologies and scale easily with your demands.

Schema first. Write native Schema Definition Language to describe your CMS data. Use Laravel-optimized directives to spare the boilerplate and start querying
Write the schema and resolver code directly in the CMS backend or your favorite editor, completely manageable with Content Version Systems like Git or SVN.
Take advantage of existing Schema templates and compose a fully fledged API in a few clicks. Save, keep and share what's been build in simple text files.

All while keeping what makes OctoberCMS great:

A simple and yet beautiful backend that is easy to understand and allows non-technical users to manage their content in intuitive visual interfaces.
Hundreds of extensions on an ever-growing marketplace that can be easily integrated via drag-n-drop and customized to your needs.
Lightning fast performance thanks to advanced caching mechanisms and the option to use it as a flat-file CMS for superior speed and security.
Make your self-hosted OctoberCMS api-driven
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